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R&D Tax Credit is a reduction of business tax liability for investing in qualified research and development activities in the US. Companies qualified for R&D Tax Credit may be able to offset either the FICA employer portion of payroll tax, AMT, or corporate income tax. Significant and immediate cash benefits can be generated from R&D Tax Credit.

Pinecone41 specializes in assessing R&D Tax Credit for technology startups. Many startups we work with claiming R&D Tax Credit reinvest their benefits to further accelerate growth, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation. 

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R&D Tax Credit overview 

Does R&D Tax Credit only apply for companies operating 'research facilities with PhDs and scientists'? Not at all! Learn about R&D Tax Credit, and how it may benefit your company.

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We know that time is one of the most precious resources startups have, and we don't want you to spend too much time reading through the IRS code. See if your urging questions are here.

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Our clients include startups backed by world-class accelerators


R&D Tax Credit may apply differently based on the company's stage


More than 40 industries qualify for R&D Tax Credit, and billions of dollars in qualified R&D Tax Credit have been claimed by tens of thousands of companies (link). R&D Tax Credit can help create benefits that your startup can use to accelerate its innovation and growth. Our dedicated team has served and provided R&D Tax Credit services to clients ranging from early-stage startups to global Fortune 500 technology powerhouses, and would love to work with you to help your company grow faster.